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The LumenAire® Principle

Disinfecting air by combining light and air.

LumenAire® uses Light + Air to reduce the risk of being infected by airborne pathogens including COVID-19. Nature has its way of dealing with these micro-organisms by harnessing the power of the Sun’s UV rays to eliminate the dangerous viruses, bacteria and fungi in the air. LumenAire® uses the same principle indoors.

What makes us different?

The LumenAire® Air Disinfection Device

LumenAire® has an engineered fan that delivers controlled air flow through its integrated germicidal irradiation chamber. This chamber is equipped with a HEPA filter and Activated Carbon fabric, coupled with dual Ozone-free 253.7nm (55W) UV-C lamps. The UV-C lamps efficiently kill 99.9% of harmful viruses in seconds before releasing the disinfected air back to the environment. This method is repeated over time and the multi-pass circulation ensures that a steady flow of disinfected air is always present in an indoor environment.

The LumenAire® UV Air Disinfection device performs better than the traditional way of integrating UVC lights into a HVAC system. The typical HVAC system has rapid air flow which results in minimal exposure time to the UVC lights. This is not as effective in killing viruses.

Air Purifiers are usually not equipped with UVC technology, which are required to kill viruses. Even when air purifiers are equipped with UVC lights, they are usually not implemented in the most ideal manner. The high CADR (clean air delivery rate) of air purifiers means that there is insufficient exposure time to the UVC lights. Furthermore, the intensity of air purifiers’ UVC lights are usually insufficient to kill viruses.

The LumenAire® is also known to work well in eliminating TVOCs & Odours and outperforms particle filter-based air purifiers in preventing nasal allergic reactions and asthma.

Certified & Recognised for Innovation

The LumenAire® device is tested and certified under strict supervision by accredited global testing laboratories.

Certified to Eliminate 99.99% of Viruses
Award-Winning Innovation
Lab-tested and Proven to be 100% Safe

CapitaLand Sustainability X Challenge

The LumenAire® was selected as one of the top 6 finalists representing Singapore out of 270 participants worldwide in the CapitaLand Sustainability X Challenge 2021.

The Company

The team behind LumenAire® consists of R&D scientists and engineers. We started our first research and development meeting on February 2020 during the onset of of the COVID-19 pandemic. The aim was to combat the spread of the novel coronovirus through improved indoor air quality using innovative, affordable and stylish solutions to air disinfection.

Eventually, the patented LumenAire® BASIC was born. It was awarded the TUV-SUV certificate and gained credibility as it was also certified by Guangdong’s Microbiology lab to eliminate 99.99% of airborne biological pathogens in the air.

Since its launch, LumenAire® has been sold in countries such as Singapore, Hong Kong, India, Malaysia, Dubai, Saudi Arabia and The Philippines.

As of January 2022 we are now known as LumenAire® (Singapore) Pte Ltd.

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